“If You Don’t Know, Now You Know”: Lessons You Need to Learn


Hello all! I am pleased to announce that my sophomore year at Hampton University was a year of prosperous growth. It is truly amazing how much you flourish when you finally get rid of toxins in your life and be Ray Charles to the bs!!! In addition, all those years hoping and praying that Delta would chose me became true when I became a Spring 2017 initiate into the Gamma Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I managed to earn a 3.7 GPA and was selected to study abroad in China for the month of July and August. As you can see, this was a school year for the books. In the midst of all this, there were several lessons that I was forced to learn and I will be forever grateful for these lessons. They served as the inspiration for this post because I strongly believe that everyone at some point needs to acknowledge these truths. Enjoy!


Realize there is difference between love & infatuation – This was a very hard lesson that I have been forced to learn since high school. So many times we find ourselves in the honeymoon phase and are quick to say “I am so in love!” , yet we forget to determine whether we love that person or if we are actually in love with them. However, before we can even get to that breakdown, we have to determine whether or not its love or an extreme case of infatuation. From observing other relationships and evaluating my own, I have come to the conclusion that this generation finds itself slipping into infatuation and mistaking it for love. If the honeymoon phase ends and so does your love, then it was not love sis!!! Realize that its okay though! Not everything you get into is going to be the end all be all so relax. You just have to be able to decipher between love and infatuation and call a spade a spade. The more honest you are in the beginning with your feelings, the better off you will be!


Learn to move in silence – Not every move you are planning  needs to be shared with friends, Twitter, or the general public. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Either they will find a way to talk you out of your move because they are jealous and do not want to see you flourish, or they will snatch your plan right from under your feet. This also goes for after. Not every move must be sang from the mountaintops. Allow your work to speak for itself and attract its own attention. Remain genuine. Make moves that you are truly passionate about. Don’t be one of those bandwagon people or people who do things just for the applause of others. If your spirit is truly led and God has in it your plans, then it will be the right move so please do not force. Speaking of God’s plan, if you are unsure remember that prayer and asking for guidance in your endeavor will always result in the right answer. It may not be the answer you WANT but it will also be the answer you NEED.


Small Victories Matter – Often times, we do not give ourselves enough credit for the small victories won and the tiny battles we overcome. If you have been struggling in Spanish 105 for the past two weeks and you finally pass a test with a B, acknowledge your growth!! We have to acknowledge the stepping stones that it took to get to the big victory. We are all works in progress. If you can recognize the baby steps being made and the growth occurring, it will make the end result seem closer. Also, if you are going through a particularly rough patch in your life, highlighting your little achievements should increase your morale and serve as your inspiration to keep it pushing towards the overall outcome.

As I continue my journey, I am bound to stumble upon more humbling and necessary lessons. I encourage you all to self- reflect often to keep track of growth and movement in your life. Self- reflection aids in breaking the stagnancy in your life. Remember, growth is uncomfortable so if you’re experiencing new things that feel foreign, you are definitely progressing! I wish you all a great summer filled with new experiences and plenty of time for relaxation and self-reflection.



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