Doing Too Much : How to Prevent Burning Out


Im backkkk! These past few months have been very hectic and have actually served as inspiration for this blog post. After having two mental breakdowns and my mental gas tank on E, I decided I needed to master the art of not burning out in the midst of being superwoman. This post is devoted to everyone whose plate is overflowing, agenda is filled with marks, and head is spinning from “doing too much”.


Stay organized

If I didn’t have a calendar and a notebook full of to-do lists, I would probably have no nails and suffer from balding. It is nearly impossible to remember all your responsibilities in your head and function properly with a mental list. Writing down dates on a calendar that stays with you at all times and making to-do lists of tasks that you need to accomplish, takes the stress off of wearing multiple hats. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have some great agendas and notebooks for the low, so please secure one before you attempt adding anything else to your plate.

bubble bath

Me time

I am actually a hypocrite for writing this paragraph because I barely made time for myself this semester. You must carve out some time in your busy schedule to read a book, do a face mask, take a bubble bath, or just SLEEP! I messed up my Me time by choosing to go out or go to party when I should have been in bed with my candles lit and decompressing. Don’t be like me. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for saying “I’m going to pass and head to bed early” or “I just want to chill by myself”. You NEED time by yourself to stabilize your mental and love on yourself.


Say No

Many of  us have very giving, compassionate spirits which causes us to always say “yes I can do this for you” or “no problem, I got it!”. Bless all of you who keep giving and giving because that is a true sign of a golden heart. However, you can’t always say yes to everyone. There were many times this semester when I asked myself why I told someone yes knowing that I had 17 million other things to do and would need teleportation to make it all possible. If saying yes is a huge inconvenience or it will cause unnecessary stress…SAY NO!

There are endless ways to prevent the burn out but these three especially resonate with me. While you enjoy your Me time, think about other ways to keep from being completely drained. Remember, it is wonderful to be booked and busy, just remember to find balance and keep your sanity. Best wishes in all your endeavors!



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